At 68 years old, Ana Obregón becomes a mother to a baby girl.


“I have lived again”ensures in social networks the Spanish actress and businesswoman Ana Obregónof 68 yearswhat she was a mother by surrogacy of a girl who was born on March 20 at the Memorial Regional Hospital in Miami, United States.

They caught us! A light full of love came to my darkness. I will never be alone again”, he wrote this Wednesday Ana Obregon in a message on your account Instagrama social network that he also used to write “dying of love”

The exciting pictures of happiness from Well leaving with her baby in her arms from the Miami hospital”, thus publishes today the Spanish magazine “Hola” about the new maternity Ana Obregon.

In the images you can see how the artist leaves the hospital with the baby in her arms, sitting in a wheelchair, according to the protocol of the health center, where you can read the sign “Mother Baby Chariot” (carriage for mother and baby).

The actress, who lost her 27-year-old son Aless in May 2020 to cancer, has carried surrogate motherhood with absolute discretion. “Solo Well; her sisters, Celia and Amalia, and Alessandro Lequio, the father of her son Aless, knew that the process was underway”, publishes the magazine.

He pregnancy by surrogacywhich is not legal in Spain, occurred in June 2022, “the same month that Aless would have turned 30,” explains the magazine, which details that on March 18 Well He turned 68 in Miami.

The phone did not stop ringing all day. Her friends and her relatives congratulated her without imagining where and under what circumstances she celebrated this anniversary ”.

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In the pictures Ana Obregon appears dressed in white with sunglasses and her daughter in her arms, dressed in pink.

The surrogacyallowed in some countries and prohibited in others, is the subject of controversy due to the economic, moral and social conflicts that it implies, mainly because it affects the less favored and defenseless populations, which are forced to lend themselves to being the vehicle of the paternity of the more economically privileged.

In Spain, surrogacy is prohibited and in the modification of the abortion law that came into force at the beginning of this month of March, it appears among the types of violence in the area of ​​women’s sexual and reproductive health. In addition, advertising by intermediation agencies is prohibited.

The Obregon case fueled the political debate on this practice with different positions: the Spanish government rejects it, the liberal Ciudadanos party altruistically defends it and the opposition Popular Party (PP) is now open to regulating it if there are no payments.

In the case of the extreme right of Vox, its spokesman in Congress, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, commented as soon as he heard the news that his party had not set a position on the matter, but later the formation reaffirmed its rejection of the also called surrogate bellies and insisted on the need to put in place measures to prevent its “de facto” legalization.

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