Is Boyko Rashkov coming for Desislava Atanasova?

Either the studio is falling apart or Boyko Rashkov is coming for you – this is how the presenter Lora Krumova joked with the head of the GERB parliamentary group Desislava Atanasova during her interview with her on Nova TV tonight. The reason – a strange noise while the two were having a conversation.

It is not good in the context of the jokes about Boyko Rashkov, it is better for the studio to fall apart, Atanasova replied.

A day earlier, during his presentation as a minister and in the regular cabinet, which is expected to be elected tomorrow, the Interior Minister again hinted at the arrests of GERB deputies. On Saturday, without naming them, Rashkov apparently targeted former regional ministers Nikolay Nankov and Petya Avramova over the Hemus highway investigation.

Cornelia Ninova’s participation in this cabinet is an oxymoron of requests for zero corruption, Atanasova commented. In 2008, she was removed from the same ministry by then-Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev, and he was congratulated by the EU for that, Atanasova added.

She does not see clear intentions for changes in the law on KPKONPI at this stage, so she refrains from answering whether GERB would support changes.

Talks are possible when Rashkov leaves the government, Atanasova reminded GERB’s thesis.

Krumova asked her how the head of GERB’s PG bought a large villa with a yard in Ribaritsa for BGN 50,000. The property was acquired at a public auction with a bailiff in an Etropole village also called Ribaritsa, she explained. She has been looking for a place near Sofia for a long time, she learned about the sale from the website of the private bailiffs and she bid together with a candidate from the starting price of BGN 42,000. The final price paid by her is BGN 52,000, and the name of the private bailiff is Vasil Mikhailov. People to monitor there are different properties with different weights, she encouraged others to buy.

GERB will not leave its office in the National Palace of Culture, we have nothing to do with the Ministry of Culture, Atanasova was categorical. From a coffin-bearer Minekov became a postman, she mocked him. At that time, it was decided that the National Palace of Culture did not need these two floors, insisted the chairwoman of the group. The decision is completely legal, despite the fact that people from GERB from the ministry then suggested to the regional governor from GERB to do it, she believes.

Minekov, who was included in the program after an extraordinary cabinet meeting tonight, urged the new minister to continue this because it is important for the National Palace of Culture, as well as the rescue of sites such as St. Kirik. She leaves him what he didn’t have time for, because he wants at least a year, but otherwise he doesn’t know the future minister.

It is not true that your letter was given to a porter, it was given personally in the hands of Kiril Ananiev, Minekov added. As well as the police in the editorial office of “Trud” he did not call – Blaskov did it, he specified.


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