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Is Amel Bent Considering a Move to a Village in Carnon?

Moving in sight for singer Amel Bent? It may well be that the coach of The Voice be ready to leave Paris. As reported The Women’s JournalAmel Bent confided in her life in Paris.

While many stars have left the capital, like Zazie who settled in Brittany or Michel Sardou in Normandy, the 37-year-old singer admitted to having already thought of settling in the provinces. She told the outlet: “I am a suburbanite so living in the heart of Paris is no longer possible. I lived there for two years, but there was too much noise and too many people. It’s the village spirit that I like in the suburbs, because there is a reassuring side. At one point I thought of leaving because I fell in love with a village called Carnon near Palavas les Flots. I looked for a place, but I gave up because with my job it’s complicated to leave« .

A green singer?

Another reason why the singer did not move: her carbon footprint. She said: “On the other hand, I don’t like flying so I can’t imagine taking it once a week, especially since it’s bad for the planet. Yet my husband is from Marseille and would like to settle around the Mediterranean. But me, I like the ring road. I am a real Parisian suburbanite, because I was born at the Bichat hospital in Porte de Saint-Ouen, so on the ring road! So I have a hard time imagining myself anywhere else, but maybe that will come later!”

Unpublished confidences which prove that Amel Bent is not about to leave the capital, but for a vacation, Carnon therefore seems to be the ideal village. You know ?

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