The turning point in Slunečná: Kramár was found as homeless!

He had a prescribed loss of memory in the script and found himself in his native Slovakia. It has something in common with his serial character. Maroš was glad to be able to use his native language for a while. “John got lost there because he wanted to invite his father to a christening,” he said Kramár.

Meeting after years

Thanks to his role, he met a friend and colleague after a long time Milan Bahul (60), who shone in the series Surgery in the Rose Garden as Dr. Vladimír Pusenský. “We have not seen each other for a long time. I know that he lived in the Czech Republic for some time, so I was happy to meet him. We talked and I learned that he had returned to Slovakia, “the actor praised the meeting.

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I want to shoot with a horse

John sleeps in a sheep farm all the time they’re looking for him, and surprisingly, that wasn’t the only problem with these fellow actresses. “It was nice, the girls were nice. I also shot with a beautiful dog. I have a dog at home myself, so it was perfect. I really enjoyed it because I was finally out, “Maroš rejoiced. The series is shot with his character in studios and he, like John, doesn’t get to the farm at all, which makes the actor a little sorry. “I would also like to play outdoors with horses. I love horses and I also have one. So, for example, I will drive in the series sometime in the future, “believes Kramár.

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