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Iran Threatens Attack on Israel: Prime Minister Netanyahu Prepares for Defense

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Saturday, 04/13/2024 06:15 IWST

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia The Prime Minister (PM) of Israel will reportedly hold a meeting with high-ranking state officials. This is to prepare for a possible attack from Iran, which is rumored to occur in the near future.

As previously known, tensions between Israel and Iran have increasingly heated following the airstrike that killed senior Iranian commanders almost two weeks ago.

Because of the attack, US officials opened their voices. In particular, CBS News, the BBC’s US partner, said that a “defiant” major attack by Iran against Israel could occur in the near future. Israel has said it is ready “defensively and offensively”.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to meet members of his war cabinet, including Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and opposition figure Benny Gantz.

A US official who spoke to CBS warned that Iran could use more than 100 drones, dozens of cruise missiles and possibly ballistic missiles.

All of this will reportedly be directed at military targets in Israel. The official added that there was still a possibility that Iran could decide to exercise restraint.

“I cannot speak about the size, scale, scope of the attack,” said US National Security Council spokesman, John Kirby, quoted Saturday (13/4/2024). What is clear, said John Kirby, is that Iran’s threat is “credible” and Washington is monitoring it as closely as possible.

Watch the video below:

Video: Israel Prepares to Face Retaliation from Iran


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