iPhone 16 revealed “7 highlights”! 2 Selling Points Foreign Media Comments: Killer Level

Life Center/Reported by Xu Shiyong

It has been more than two months since the iPhone 15 series went on sale on September 22 this year. New revelations have emerged about the next-generation iPhone 16 series, including 7 major highlights, new mysterious buttons and exclusive functions. It is pointed out that the above two items will be the biggest selling points of the new series of iPhones.

The leaker “Apple Hub” pointed out on the social platform X that Apple’s iPhone 16/16Plus series will have the following highlights, including:

1. Size remains at 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches
2. Maintain 60Hz screen refresh rate
3. Add action button
4. Added new “Capture Button” button
5. A17 or A18 chip
6. Change the rear lens back to vertical camera layout
7. Exclusive AI functions only on the device side

Among them, in terms of the “Capture Button” button, “MacRumors” pointed out that Apple internally calls it the “capture button” and is likely to become one of the main selling points of the iPhone 16 series. The capture button is expected to be on the same side as the power button, but slightly lower. , this button is capacitive and not a general mechanical button. When the user presses the capacitive button, it provides tactile feedback and action by detecting pressure and touch. The mode is similar to the Home button on the iPhone SE.

As for AI functions, “Revegnus” pointed out on the X platform that Apple’s R&D department is transforming Siri into the ultimate virtual assistant, which is expected to become Apple’s most powerful killer AI application. was released and became standard equipment for the iPhone 16 series.

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