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iPhone 16 Drawings: Vertical Dual Cameras for Shooting Space Videos, Latest Rumors

Suspected iPhone 16 drawings hint at vertical dual cameras, which seem to be adjustments for shooting space videos

In order to achieve spatial video shooting, Apple placed the wide-angle main camera and ultra-wide-angle camera on the same vertical line on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. In this way, when the user holds the phone horizontally, the “binary eyes” can record three-dimensional images. Now, according to tipster Majin Bu, the rear dual cameras of the iPhone 16 series will also adopt a similar design. Compared with the iPhone 15 series where the two camera openings are at oblique positions, this is probably an adjustment for spatial video.

“Its design is like a combination of iPhone X and 11.” Majin Bu wrote.MacRumors The informant also provided similar information, but further pointed out that the camera of the iPhone 16 series will “show a pill-shaped bump”, but the two lenses are expected to maintain their own ring shapes instead of being placed under the same piece of glass. In addition to the appearance of the standard version of the new phone, the news also mentioned that Apple is testing the possibility of installing a periscope camera into the iPhone 16 Pro.

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