iPhone 12, to 6 GB of RAM for the Pro and Pro Max versions

Apple will unveil as every year a new generation of iPhone. The appointment is normally scheduled for September. Overall the rumors are for significant improvements but we should not expect a revolution.

The biggest thing is probably the support for 5G. This technology is supposed to land on the whole range. In parallel, the apple brand plans a whole series of improvements. One of the last, advanced by the leaks, concerns the RAM. The adoption of 6 GB of RAM instead of 4 GB currently is likely for some references.

This is the month that advances @ l0vetodream on Twitter. In his post it is suggested that the Pro version of the iPhone 12 will be equipped with 6 GB of RAM.

The smartphone range should be organized around four versions with the iPhone 12 equipped with a 5.4 inch screen, the iPhone 12 equipped with a 6.1 inch screen, the iPhone 12 Pro equipped with ” a 6.1 inch screen and the iPhone 12 Pro Max supported by a 6.7 inch screen. The last three are by logic the respective successors of the current iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

According to this new report, the Pro and Pro Max versions should boast 6 GB of RAM, while the other two models would remain with 4 GB of RAM. As always, there is nothing official about this information, so be careful.

iPhone 12, a calendar upset by the Covid 19?

Normally these new iPhones should be announced in September. This calendar does not seem certain for everyone. People close to this file suggest that a delay is likely to occur for certain models in the range.

Apple is simply a victim of the current health crisis. Mass production of the iPhone 12 is said to have lagged due to the closure of factories that impacted the entire production chain. It is therefore not impossible that availability is not guaranteed as tradition dictates. Sen clear even if the presentation of the iPhone 12 is expected in mid-September, some models could actually wait until October or even November.

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