Investment bank Goldman Sachs obliges staff to get booster | Economy

Anyone entering the offices must receive a booster shot before February 1 if they are eligible for such an additional injection before that date. Because it will take some time before all employees have received their booster, bank staff will have to be tested more often in the coming period. This will soon be increased from one to two mandatory tests per week.

These measures set Goldman apart from other major US banks. Recently, it seems that people are moving away from the obligation to sit in the office. Citigroup recently informed employees in New York that they could work from home again this month during the holiday season. Wells Fargo recently decided to suspend its return to office plans until further notice. And JPMorgan Chase sent out a warning before Christmas urging employees to be very careful if they saw each other. There were also calls for testing when people wanted to come to the office.

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