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Intel would buy a stake in Apple – SamaGame

Intel would buy a stake in Apple

Apple is said to be continuing to consider acquiring Intel’s 5G modem division.

In mid-April, Apple and Qualcomm agreed to a 5G partnership that could incorporate a Qualcomm 5G modem in future iPhones. This was a surprising change, as the two parties had a longstanding legal dispute with each other, and it seemed that Apple would primarily work with Intel on 5G development.

Simultaneous with the announcement, Intel said it was exiting the 5G modem market. However, this line of business would be bought by several people, although no specific names have been mentioned so far.

In any case, according to The Information, Apple immediately contacted Intel to acquire the wireless modem division, but Intel needed time to appreciate its 5G portfolio. Intel got its start in the industry when it bought Infineon in 2011 for $1.4 billion. The latter company has served several generations of iPhones with modems.

According to the news, if Apple can buy Intel’s 5G division, it will be the most expensive acquisition in Apple’s history. If so, Apple will probably still need 3-4 years to create its own 5G modem.

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