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Intel Launches Core Ultra Processor with Integrated NPU AI Engine – Revolutionizing AI PC Technology for Consumers and Enterprises

At the end of 2023, Intel officially released the new Core Ultra, which can be called the biggest change in the more than 40-year history of Intel processors. It not only has a new manufacturing process, packaging technology, CPU/GPU architecture, but also integrates an independent NPU AI engine , the trinity of CPU+GPU+NPU provides a flexible acceleration experience for various AI applications and opens a new era of AI PC.

Intel has also launched the AI ​​PC Acceleration Program with industry partners, aiming to bring a new AI experience to hundreds of millions of PCs by 2025.

Now, Intel has opened up a new world of AI PC. It officially launched commercial AI PC during the MWC 2024 exhibition. On the one hand, it further promotes the ubiquity of AI, and on the other hand, it shows with practical actions that AI PC is not just a It is a paper concept, but it can truly serve the majority of users and can effectively improve the actual experience in all aspects.


Now that AI is flying all over the world, what should an AI PC look like? What can you do more than previous PCs? What difference can it make to our lives, work, and entertainment?

I believe this is not only what consumers are eager to understand and experience, but also a top priority that lingers in the minds of every industry manufacturer.

After all, it is easy to come up with a concept, but difficult to implement and popularize it. Only technologies and products that truly transform the user experience can truly win the present and win the future.

Just over two months after the official birth of the consumer-grade AI PC, Intel has opened up a new territory, bringing it into the vPro commercial enterprise field, creating a new commercial AI PC and expanding new possibilities.

Speaking of the commercial field, it seems far away from ordinary consumers at first glance, but it is actually very close.

If you work in a large or medium-sized company, you will generally have uniformly equipped office equipment such as PCs or even workstations. This is the category of commercial PCs.

Compared with consumer-grade PCs, they have similar hardware configurations, butThanks to the strong support of the Intel vPro commercial platform, commercial PCs are superior in security, stability, manageability, sustainability, application optimization, performance release and other aspects.

For example, in terms of security,The Intel vPro commercial platform has been comprehensively reinforced from the bottom hardware to the system application layer to resist harassment from various security threats as much as possible.

At the hardware level, the combination of Intel vPro chip security engine and firmware has established a solid foundation. Data shows that it can reduce security threats by 70%, reduce severe security incidents by 21%, reduce the risk of major security incidents by 26%, and increase security team efficiency by 17%.

At the system level, the latest Windows 11 Pro professional version is recommended, which can fully support various security functions of the Intel vPro platform.

application level,The latest enhanced version of Intel threat detection technology is currently the only practical AI-based security feature for Windows PCs and can fully utilize the new NPU of Core Ultra processorsgreatly improving the ability to respond to security threats, while also improving energy efficiency, requiring less power consumption and basically not affecting notebook battery life.

In terms of stability, it is impossible for commercial PCs to allow blue screens, crashes, and freezes to occur frequently. This requires efforts at the operating system and application software levels, as well as underlying platform support such as Intel vPro to ensure that hardware and Full range compatibility and optimization of firmware and software.

Intel claims,The vPro platform’s application compatibility under Windows 11 Pro is as high as 99.7%thereby ensuring sufficient application stability.

In terms of manageability, this is mainly aimed at enterprise IT administrators. Through the rich technologies and tools provided by Intel vPro, PC devices can be easily and conveniently managed centrally from the cloud, remote, local and other channels.

AMT active management technology is the most typical and familiar solution. It can even perform remote management when the PC is shut down, the system is unavailable, and the user is not present.

In addition, vPro management technology can also be integrated into various tool software by third-party manufacturers, allowing enterprises to conduct more flexible and extensive device management. GoTo, ivanti, Kaseya, Workspace ONE, etc. are all typical representatives in this regard.

In terms of sustainability, the main consideration is green environmental protection. Compared with the “bulk” state of consumer-grade PCs, they are more environmentally friendly throughout the entire life cycle, and can also maximize the PC utilization value and reuse rate.

for exampleUsing the Intel vPro remote maintenance function, compared with on-site on-site service support by technicians, the carbon emissions reduced are equivalent to using a PC for two years, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 368 tons in three years.

Currently, 94% of Intel vPro devices have passed EPEAT silver level certification or above, and the proportion of gold certification is as high as 71%.

The newly released Core Ultra is even more energy efficient. Compared with the already stringent Energy Star 8.0 requirements, total energy consumption is reduced by up to 64%.

For enterprises, the comprehensive benefits of Intel vPro platform equipment can bring extremely high return on investment.The three-year cycle can be as high as 213%and at the same time, it can also help the IT management department greatly save time and resources.

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