Integration of Russia and Belarus – Harry Tabakh assessed the situation

The Russian Federation has long since swallowed up Belarus, and its self-proclaimed President Alexander Lukashenko is not the leader. After his last statements about a Union State with a “brotherly country”, it became clear that he was fully working for the head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

Such an opinion in an interview shared captain of the first rank of the United States Navy, retired Harry Tabakh. He noted that the holding of the major Russian-Belarusian exercises “West-2021” was only one of the evidence of the full integration of the Republic and a threat to everyone.

“He (Lukashenko. – Ed.) Does not have any power of his own, his freedom of decision. Yes, he is the chairman of the collective farm, and this collective farm meets the general line of the party that sits in the Kremlin today,” the NATO officer expressed his conviction.

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According to him, the Zapad-2021 exercises pose a threat not only to Ukraine due to the fact that the frontline and confrontation line is actually growing by a thousand kilometers. The actions of Russia and Belarus are “a threat to everyone.”

“If they can take Abkhazia, then they can take Crimea, Gibraltar. So, they are allowed to do everything. Take Syria, Afghanistan … The danger, of course, exists for everyone, including the United States,” the retired captain of the American Navy said.

He added that this is a military, political and economic danger that can destroy everything. Tabakh recalled that the head of the aggressor country “does it very well” – Putin divides society and quarrels everyone.

“When they say he was for Trump or Clinton … He was not for either one, he helped both so that we fell out among ourselves. When they say he was for Zelensky or Poroshenko … No, for your fifth column to gain strength and brought a split in the country. The same is in France, Germany, all over Europe, “Tabakh shared his opinion.

As reported OBOZREVATEL, earlier Harry Tabakh expressed his conviction that the head of Russia turned the Black Sea region into a dangerous site… According to him, sooner or later an incident may occur there, which threatens military action.


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