Two new omikron cases in Sweden and Denmark

Region Stockholm informs in a press release that two new cases of the omicron variant of the coronavirus have been confirmed.

The persons have been traveling in some of the countries that the Public Health Authority has designated as risk areas.

Furthermore, it is stated that they have mild symptoms, and that the region does not want to comment on the cases further.

– We sequence positive samples from people who have been abroad, with or without symptoms, and it has now been confirmed that two people who have been traveling in South Africa have been infected by the omicron variant. It was not unexpected because this variant has already been proven both elsewhere in Sweden and in our neighboring countries, says infection control doctor Maria Rotzén Östlund.

In Denmark, two new cases of the omikron variant were also registered on Tuesday, Danish states TV 2.

A total of four cases have been identified in Denmark, all of which are linked to South Africa.


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