Entertainment Intars Busulis reveals an interesting fact about his childhood

Intars Busulis reveals an interesting fact about his childhood


Singer Intars Busulis shared memories of his childhood on social networks – how he spent time with his father.

Busulis remembers how he went to sell cotton candy with his father.

“If anything, my Father used to sell sugar wool in Talsi, in the vicinity of Talsi and in Jurmala – Kauguri. We moved in the blue Zaporozhye. We always drove along and rolled paper dowels,” says Busulis.

Busulis’ followers did not skimp on compliments, writing that looking at this photo, they want to smile and the picture improves mood.

“Super photo – at the same time improves mood and creates a desire, if not for sugar wool, then at least for something sweet. And thank you for the nice memories. I tried sugar wool only when I was growing up – and it was in a small jar, not this giant cotton wool on. As a child, my parents gladly allowed me to drink carbonated soda water and eat ice cream when we could afford it, but sometimes thought that giant cotton candy – it’s crazy and unhealthy, so we always passed the cotton candy stand and I could only watch with longing (Because I wasn’t a child trying to get things and sweets out of my parents.) When I was growing up, it seemed like it was too late.

Intars Busulis is a Latvian musician, singer and trombonist. He gained his first recognition by playing in the band “Caffe”, as well as was a winner of many competitions.

Former host of Radio SWH. He is a frequent guest and participant in Latvian, Belarusian and Russian shows, programs and concerts. Intars Busulis is married and has four children.


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