Instagram Releases New Templates and Tools to Make it Easy for Users to Make Reels

Instagram announced a number of tools and new features to make it easier for users to create content on Reels.

In the announcement video, Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri said, Instagram will only have one video format, namely Reels.

“We wanted Instagram to be easy to use, so all videos on Instagram would be Reels. Not that all videos on Instagram are dance videos, but we want users to have access to a variety of tools (on Reels),” he said.

Mosseri also revealed, Instagram presents a number of tools to make it easier for users to create video Instagram.

Citing the Instagram blog, Friday (22/7/2022), his party is now expanding tools for Remix, to improve the way users tell stories on Instagram, while collaborating with their favorite content creators or friends. Anything?

Reels for photos

Photos are still the core experience of Instagram. Well, in the coming weeks users will be able to remix public photos. That way, users can get inspired to create their own Reels.

Extended Remix Layouts

Users can choose between green screen, horizontal, or split screen or reactions to add to the commentary video to the existing Reels.

Add Clip

Instead of having your Remix appear together with Reels original, users can later add snippets of their video, after the original video. That way, videos can be played sequentially.

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