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Instagram Disables Ability to Share Feed Uploads to Stories

MENLO PARK, iNews.id – Instagram has various useful functions, one of which is sharing photo feeds to stories. However, this app sharing company looks set to change that.

Instagram will disable the ability to share photo feeds to Stories to multiple users. This step is part of a trial by Instagram to see if it changes user engagement with popular features. Instagram announces these changes in the form of a banner to users in certain countries, where testing is taking place.

“We heard from the community that they want to see fewer posts on Stories. During this test, you will not be able to upload photos in the feed to Stories,” Instagram said in its notification to a number of affected users, quoted from The Verge, Wednesday (3/2 / 2021).

Sharing uploads on the Instagram feed to Stories is something that many users do. Because of that action, there will be many similar uploads, namely in other people’s feeds and Stories.

Instagram considers this because users are forced to see the same upload many times. Even though it is considered unsettled, many people are resharing feeds belonging to artists, businesses and organizations.

One of the benefits of re-sharing a post from sharing a feed to Stories is to open up opportunities for nonprofits to get more donations.

Editor: Dini Listiyani

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