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Insomniac Games Presents New Trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 at San Diego Comic-Con 2023

This week Insomniac Games presented during a talk at San Diego Comic-Con 2023 a story trailer of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 dedicated to the dangers and problems that Peter Parker and Miles Morales must solve in this adventure for PlayStation 5 that will arrive on October 20. Some comparisons of the evolution of characters were quickly published, and criticism also arose about a possible redesign of Mary Jane. The developer has denied these accusations.

The trailer does show Mary Jane with a new hairstyle, and some fans had thought that it was another redesign like the one Peter Parker already hadwhich from the face of John Bubniak was transferred to Ben Jordan with its remastering on PlayStation 5 and PC due to a technical issue in gesture capture.

James Stevenson, Insomniac’s head of community and marketing, has denied these criticisms: has the same face model and is played by the same actress, Laura Bailey. Other comments highlight that with the new hairstyle he now resembles his interpreter more.

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“At the beginning of the story, our Spider-Mans are on top,” narrative chief Jon Paquette explained with the new trailer. “But Peter and Miles are having problems with their personal lives. Miles tries to find time to write his college entrance essay, but it’s putting it behind schedule and is turning more to hero work. Meanwhile, Peter is up in arms over payments on Aunt May’s house, but he can’t sell it, it means so much to him. And like Miles, Peter tries – unsuccessfully – to find a balance with so many responsibilities.” Plus MJ’s job is in jeopardy now that J. Jonah Jameson returns to the Bugle. “Our heroes are at a crossroads, with an uncertain future and difficult decisions”.

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