Insigne leaves the pitch disappointed. Lorenzo’s gaze says it all: then comes Gattuso’s gesture

Lorenzo Insigne appeared slightly upset about the replacement received in the second half of the Napoli-SPAL match.

Lorenzo Insigne he did not appear very happy for the substitution received in the second half of the Napoli-SPAL match. No case, but only the desire to stay on the field and still make their contribution to the blue team. Today’s edition of Il Mattino tells the following: “The “five” at the end of the game seals the closure of the case. Assuming a case has never exploded. Except that certain things, always better not to do them. But in the gesture of Ringhio there is the point put to the matter “.

“The gaze of Insigne (who yesterday won the 200th victory with the blue shirt) at the time of the change, that expression that does not need who knows what interpretation, betrays the desire to continue being on the field. It is replaced and the fact does not go down. Patience. It is only a fraction of a second, a moment: then he sits on the bench, and from there he sees the end of the match. And so for him, in the end, there are only caresses from Gattuso “, reports the newspaper.

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