Influenza, vaccines for doctors arrive at pharmacies: “But the doses are not enough”

the first flu vaccination campaign at the time of Covid-19 and never in the past has been so expected by citizens to have a dividing line between the symptoms of Coronavirus and the normal seasonal diseases. From tomorrow, the Lombardy Region has announced the delivery to pharmacies of 792 thousand doses of vaccine plus 140 thousand doses of anti-pneumococcus (bacterium responsible for numerous infections in children under one year and over 65), in addition to 62 thousand 800 doses reserved for RSA : administrations that refer to the whole regional territory. After months of controversy that have superimposed political decisions and uncertainties on health needs, the plan now has a schedule of deliveries to general practitioners and priorities: it starts with the fragile subjects, the guests of the RSA and a first group of over 65s. Since the beginning of November, the most massive part of the campaign, continuing with another 2 million and 92 thousand doses divided as follows: 1 million and a half of vaccines; 592 thousand doses for pediatric use and 50 thousand anti-pneumococcal for RSA.

In total, according to regional estimates, there are more than 3.87 million people that in the year of the pandemic they should undergo the flu vaccine and the Region, as recalled by the director of Welfare Marco Trivelli, can realistically vaccinate 2.76 million. The councilor for Sanit Giulio Gallera intervenes on the controversy regarding delays in procurement: The campaign follows the indications of the Ministry of Health and respects the timing of the flu season whose peak is expected between January and February 2021: for citizens it is essential to get there with a adequate antibody charge. Once the fragile subjects have been vaccinated, from the first half of November it will pass to children with diseases and to those aged between 6 and 24 months in addition to the queue of the over 65s. Vaccinations are then provided for children aged 2 to 6 years. , health workers and the 60 to 64 year old group.

A plan that in practice – as pointed out by the president of the Provincial Order of Doctors of Milan Roberto Carlo Rossi – differs from the regional vision: In the meantime, it should be remembered that from tomorrow every doctor will be able to book 30 vaccines and then another 20 which will therefore not be immediately available. But the most problematic aspect is the enormous expectation of the patients. On a rational level, one more week to get vaccinated does not change things much, but our clients are already very angry given the pressure due to the pandemic. There is also the problem of people with pathologies (the so-called fragile ones) which in the past did not exist; now we are faced with drastic choices. For Annarosa Racca, president of Federfarma Lombardia, the plan is proceeding on schedule: By the end of October, each Lombard doctor will have one hundred vaccines and another 300 by the end of November to close the campaign. The timing is correct, we will see the flu peak later, starting in January. As regards the adhesion of family doctors, the percentage is increasing: Compared to previous years – continues the president of the order – we are about 80% of Milan city. In addition to the clinics, four hubs are planned which according to the Region will be activated in the coming days: the tensile structure in front of the Royal Palace, Villa Marelli, the military hospital of Baggio and the Sacco hospital.

18 October 2020 | 07:53



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