Indosat GIG Closes Service November 25, Observer: Pay Attention to Customer Fate


Home internet service Indosat GIG service will be closed as of November 25, 2021. Telecommunications observer Heru Sutadi revealed that the rights of subscribers must always be prioritized.

The closing of Indosat GIG is the aftermath of the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) which executed a fine of Rp 1.35 trillion against its subsidiary Indosat Oroedoo, namely PT Indosat Mega Media (IM2).

Heru said that the decision was taken as an effort to comply with the Supreme Court’s decision. Although it is necessary to explain how it relates, of course it must be accepted.

Only this decision, the Executive Director of the ICT Institute, was deemed too short between the decision and the termination of its services. Customer fate Indosat GIG should also be noted.

“That being concern is the fate of Indosat GIG customers. Of course the customer should not be harmed. Moreover, if you pay prepaid, there must be a refund to the consumer and a replacement service must be considered,” said Heru, Saturday (20/11).

If the customer has made a payment, then the company must issue compensation to them.

“Compensation is a must for customers who are harmed according to the Consumer Protection Act,” he said.

If there is a service that is closed, usually the company must obtain prior approval from the Indonesian Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (BRTI). It’s just that the agency was dissolved by President Joko Widodo.

“Because the BRTI has been disbanded, the service termination permit (Indosat GIG) must be given by the Minister of Communication and Information,” said Heru.

“And of course, the Minister of Communication and Information must first hear input from other ministries and institutions, including the National Consumer Protection Agency, which is concerned about the protection of service users,” he said.

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