Due to self-isolation rules, airBaltic carried fewer passengers in August

Martin Gauss, CEO of airBaltic, said: “August was the third full month since the resumption of flights, and probably the worst so far. After a relatively stable July, demand for our services has fallen again due to tight self-isolation requirements. there is a need to travel and we are confident that demand will return when the rules of self-isolation change. “

In August, airBaltic operated 1,997 flights. The 15-minute punctuality rate for airBaltic flights reached 97.9% in July. This indicates that more than 97 out of 100 airBaltic flights departed on time or with a delay of no more than 15 minutes.

Currently, airBaltic operates direct flights from Riga to various European business centers and to popular leisure destinations. The full list of airBaltic flights is available on the company’s website www.airbaltic.com.

airBaltic works closely with the authorities to monitor the situation and is flexible to adjust the flight schedule if necessary. Passengers should check travel conditions and airport restrictions on official websites or local embassies before traveling. Rules change rapidly and vary from country to country, so always make sure you’re up to date.

Passenger safety and health is our top priority. We have implemented strict security measures, and we organize flights taking into account the recommendations of the responsible authorities. All passengers on airBaltic flights are provided with a free basic care kit, which includes a face mask and disinfectant wipes.

To find out more about airBaltic’s new healthcare measures, please visit the airBaltic website: https://www.airbaltic.com/lv/veselibas-aizsardziba.

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