‘Indiana Jones 5’ could add a participation of Sean Connery

One of the most beloved franchises that has become a pop culture phenomenon is ‘Indiana Jones’, starring Harrison Ford And that has so far four installments, in addition to working on the fifth, which could be the goodbye of its protagonist, but apparently this film will have a special participation, because, according to some reports, ‘Indiana Jones 5’ will pay tribute to Sean Connery.

Actor Sean Connery was part of the ‘Indiana Jones’ saga, as he gave life to Henry Jones Sr, “Indy” priest for ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ 1989 and despite the fact that it was sought that the actor had a participation in ‘Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’, He did not accept, because he was not interested in returning to acting and it was expected that he would finally decide to participate in the fifth installment, but this 2020 he died at the age of 90.

According to information from Daniel Richtman, he states that ‘Indiana Jones 5’ will pay tribute to Sean Connery Although it is still unknown in what form this tribute is, since it has not been the first time that he does something similar, because in ‘Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’ he surrendered homenaje a Denholm Elliott, who played Marcus Brody, who died at age 70 and for this movie you could see a photograph, a painting and a statue of the character at Marshall College, so it is not ruled out that it is in a similar way.

So far little is known about ‘Indiana Jones 5’, where for the first time Steven Spielberg will not be a director and it is expected that it will be the last time we see Harrison Ford in this role, as it has been speculated that a spin-off is being prepared where we would see a very young “Indy”, possibly played by Chris Pratt.

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