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The Olympic champion started the meeting with a chance, Ludovic Fabregas and Tip Mem led by 5 to 1, after which the Swedish professional staff was forced to ask for time. This made an impact, as in the sequel, the Northerners staged their lines in both attack and defense and kept closing.

In the 20th minute the goalkeeper (!) Andreas Palicka with a hit of 10 to 10, they caught up with their rivals, and the net keeper threw a goal for the third time “thanks” to the French goalkeeper’s empty goalkeeper, making him the most successful in the field …

The Swedes didn’t slow down in the inning, in fact, Jim Gottfridsson due to his brilliance, they were given a three-goal advantage over the break by a surprise (17–14).

The first half of the second half was also scored by Glenn Solberg, leaving the Olympic champion with less than 30 minutes to work off his four-goal disadvantage.

By the 45th minute, two of them had succeeded, because although Palicka, who was still brilliant at the gate, was sometimes surpassed by the French – thanks mainly to the young manager, Aymeric Memory The Swedish offensive still sat and Gottfridsson simply could not make a mistake in front of the French goal.

Just 10 minutes before the blowout, the four (30-26) were back again, and although he closed with Olympic champion Fabregas, he didn’t get any closer to the 55th minute, so Guillaume Gille, who was returning from a coronavirus infection, was forced to take time at 32-29. to ask. The specialist’s admonitions affected his team, and of course Vincent Gerard his feats, so moments later he was again “only” between him (33–31).

Goal here and there, then Palicka defended again at the best possible moment, with 50 seconds left in the match, and at 34-32 the situation for the French seemed almost hopeless. After a Swedish time-out, followed by a good Gallic defense and a quick goal, the last few seconds became open, especially as the referees gave the French the right to make the final attack due to a move error. However, Palicka also defended Fabregas ’ziccer in the final second, and Sweden won the match.

The Swedes in Sunday’s finals defeating the Danes they meet a Spanish national team.



France-Sweden 33-34 (14-17)

Spain-Denmark 29-25 (13-14)

For 5th place:

Norway-Iceland 34-33 (16-12, 27-27, 30-30) – after extension

(Cover image: Illyés Tibor / MTI)

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