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Already on Thursday, thunderstorms broke out in several places in the northern part of Transdanubia, mainly in Vas and Veszprém counties. Because of this, cells could have formed in several places, while in the distance, the path of thunderstorms was indicated by the water curtain. There have also been reports of hail in several places.

The storms cooled the air by as much as ten degrees, but in Szombathely, for example, there was a 73-kilometer stormy gust of wind, but no significant rainfall was left behind, writes Time frame.

A large amount of hail fell in Söptén, Vas County, which was also recorded.

Orange alerts have been issued for several counties

The National Meteorological Service a warning of a thunderstorm was issued to all counties by Friday. There are orange warnings in four counties where severe thunderstorms can be expected.

In addition to lightning, the following counties are affected by thunderstorms and hail:

  • Bekes County,
  • Csongrád-Csanád county,
  • Hajdú-Bihar county,
  • Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok county.

In the warning forecast of the meteorological service, it writes that there may be thunderstorms in several places during the day, and in the afternoon the conditions are favorable for the formation of heavy thunderstorms in the eastern and southeastern counties. Precipitation decreases more significantly in the evening, late evening.

Thunderstorms can be accompanied by stormy gusts of wind (usually 60-90 kilometers per hour), hail (up to 2 centimeters in the east), and locally more rainfall (10-20 millimeters).

(Cover image: Illustration of our image. Photo: Rosta Tibor / MTI)

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