In Verona they rape her, from the GF Vip the video with the comments of Francesco Oppini to Dayane Mello

A series of videos featuring protagonists are causing strong discontent on Twitter Francesco Oppini and Dayane Mello, competitors of the Big Brother Vip 2020. The relationship between Alba Parietti’s son and the Brazilian model has cooled down for a few weeks, so much so that during the last episode the two have named each other. Until recently, however, a certain harmony seemed to have arisen between Dayane and Francesco so much so that Mello had repeatedly hinted at interest in Alba Parietti’s son, interest to which Francesco tried to put an end to avoid upsetting his girlfriend Cristina Tomasini.

The videos of the comments of Oppini and Dayane

However, there are a series of moments, documented by a video, which risk putting Alba Parietti’s son in an awkward position. “In Verona they rape her”, Says Francesco di Dayane speaking with Tommaso Zorzi, before even the relationship with the influencer cooled down. But then he adds: “But in a good way I say it”, As if his were meant to be a kind of compliment, very badly formulated but without offensive intent. At other times, Oppini turns directly to Dayane who, however, seems to appreciate the joke and laugh at Francesco’s jokes. “Dayane, what temperature do we put you in the washing machine?“, Asks Oppini on another occasion,”Pierpaolo, what program do we put it in the washing machine? One hundred is too much”.

Dayane and Francesco Oppini have moved away

Francesco’s video is making the rounds of the network only starting today 31 October but refers to the first weeks lived by the two in the Casa del Big Brother Vip, when there was still a relationship of confidence between the two. More recently, Francesco and Dayane have distanced themselves in an irreversible way. A series of misunderstandings, also linked to Oppini’s desire not to hurt, would have driven them away the companion Cristina Tomasini, companion with whom, several times, he said he was deeply in love.

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