In Three Years, Realme Claims It Has Been Sitting in the World No. 6 Position – As a mobile phone brand, Realme is arguably a newcomer with a young age. Since leaving Oppo and standing as an independent brand three years ago, Realme claims to have managed to sit in the number six position of the world’s mobile phone brands.

Market research firm Counterpoint reported that Realme managed to rank sixth with total sales of 15 million and 135.1 percent Year on Year (YoY) growth in the second quarter (Q2) 2021. Through this achievement, Realme calls itself a threat in the smartphone industry for competitors. they.

“In just three years, we are like a calf that awakens a tiger to be as active as we are,” said Realme Founder and CEO Sky Li.

“By having a team whose average age is 29 years, we can continue to break down all the obstacles faced with the intention and determination to bring the best products to young people around the world,” he added.

He continued, the journey to number six in the world did not happen in an instant. In this highly competitive market, Sky said that Realme continues to develop its products with modern technology so that it gets high enthusiasm and ends in customer satisfaction, including expanding its market to 61 countries around the world, becoming the Top 5 in 18 countries.

The details, ranked first in the Philippines and Bangladesh, ranked third in Russia, ranked fourth in India and Indonesia and ranked fifth in European countries in Q2 2021.

As additional information, last month Realme also became the fastest brand to gain 100 million users worldwide, according to data from research firm Strategy Analytics.

“Being the No. 6 smartphone vendor in the world in such a short time is a new achievement for us. This is all thanks to the support of users, especially fans, who always provide positive input and support for the products we create,” said Palson Yi, Marketing Director of Realme Indonesia.

Realme also prioritizes 5G products. Realme’s share of 5G smartphones also grew from 8.8 percent in Q1 to 15.9 percent in Q2, ranking 3rd in the world, according to market monitor Counterpoint Q2 2021 data.

Sky said realme’s next goal is to achieve the double target of 100 million, by shipping another 100 million devices by the end of 2022 and completing the same milestone in 2023.

For its product strategy, Realme will optimize various product lines and provide the latest technological innovations. The Realme GT series will be the only premium flagship product line to explore cutting-edge technology and to disrupt the high-end market.



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