In the United Kingdom, there were 16,171 coronavirus infections per day. Record in Germany and Poland Svt

Londn / berln / varava The United Kingdom has recorded 16,171 new cases of coronavirus infection in the last 24 hours, which is a few hundred more than 15,650. Another 150 people with covid-19 died, Reuters reported on Saturday. which is the most since the pandemic arrest. The same is true of Poland and Poland, which reported 9622 new cases of coronavirus.

Since the epidemic was arrested, 692,126 people have been infected with coronavirus in Britain; the country is in this respect the twelfth worst affected in the world. In total sweat, the patient with the covid is Britnie with 43,699 countries pt.

Restricted to en coronavirus, depending on the development of the infection in individual cities. Since the night, London has tightened up, which has joined the middle of the three levels of the warning system. Only more households are not allowed to meet indoors, and meetings are also available in pubs and restaurants.

Some areas, such as the city of Liverpool and Lancashire, fall into the top category and have had to close down restaurants and pubs in addition to those where business has taken place.

Premier Boris Johnson wants to include Manchester in the aunt category. But Mayor Andy Burnham refused to do so until the government called for financial support for the winter. Manchester shows a rapid growth of nakaench – per 100,000 inhabitants it is about 500 people, ie ptkrt vc not in London.

Nmecko opt hls rekordn poet ppad koronaviru

In Germany, 7830 new coronavirus infections have been reported in the last day, the most since the pandemic. It follows from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). The new record surpassed the quarter, when the ground reported another 7,334 infected. In the Czech Republic, which, compared to Germany, has about eight quarters of the population, there were 11,105 new farmers. esk denn nrst thus exceeded the 10,000 mark for the first time. On Saturday, Chancellor Angela Merkel called on the Germans to stay at home if they could.

There have been 33 deaths with covid-19 in Germany in the last day, and the death toll since the pandemic has risen to 9767. The country has so far recorded 356,387.

According to the DPA, the current data on the sweat of the disease can only be compared to the three spring walls, as more tests are performed in the country, and more people are infected. Experts also point out that the data, given the delays between the infection, the test, the result and its report, show how the virus was infected about a week ago.

The reproduction number, which indicates how many other people on average one infected, is 1.22 in Germany, according to the RKI, on day two it was 1.08.

On Saturday, in her podcast, Chancellor Angela Merkel called on the Germans to contribute to the curtailment. We need to do this to keep the virus unchecked. Every day, she sweated, scurried, and kicked the Germans to stay at home, if only they could. It will be decided in those days and weeks how it will be winter and how it will be at Christmas. We will all decide this with our offer, said the chancellor, which, according to the DPA agency, considers the existing measures against the virus in Germany to be insufficient.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier also had to go to quarantine on Saturday. According to him, one of his personal tests had a positive test for coronavirus.

Poland opt hls record poet nakaench

Poland hls in the past 24 hours gave the maximum since the pandemic arrest – 9622 new coronavirus cases. He also registers 84 deaths for this day. 327,000 people are in quarantine and the number of people connected to lung ventilators is growing. With reference to the Ministry of Health, the daily Gazeta Wyborcza informed about it on its website.

Since the arrest of the coronavirus epidemic in a country of about 38 million people, 167,230 people have been infected, of which 3,524 have died. In Polish hospitals with covid-19 actually l 7612 people, 604 is connected to the respirator.

On Thursday, the Polish government decided to tighten restrictions. In areas with a high risk of infection, high and medium-sized bicycles and swimming pools will be closed from the beginning of the week, sports events will be without spectators, and wedding celebrations will not be possible until further notice. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called on the old fellow citizens not to leave home. Likewise, everyone who has such a possibility should, according to him, work from home.

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