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In the footsteps of a stolen lotto ticket: The woman who never got her profit speaks – Society – Bulgaria – NOVA Sunday

For the first time in more than a year, the woman whose wallet with a winning lottery ticket was stolen speaks for the first time. In this case, the deputy chief of the Third Regional Police Department in Sofia and the head of a sector in the SDVR were detained. “Internal Security” at the Ministry of Interior also took part in the action. Why, after the prosecutor’s office found definite evidence that the slip had been stolen by the police, the case stalled and the elderly woman still has not received the money from her profit – says Tina Ivaylova.

Footage from the arrest of the two police chiefs (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

A year and a half ago, two senior police officers were detained during an operation by the Internal Security and the Prosecutor’s Office for stealing a winning lottery ticket from an elderly woman. Then it became clear that the woman won the amount of just over BGN 11,000 from the lottery. She went to the lottery to cash in on her winnings. From there she was sent to the headquarters of the Bulgarian Sports Tote, because the amount was more than BGN 10,000. The woman traveled by tram to the Headquarters, on descent she realized that her wallet was missing, and with it money, documents and the lottery ticket disappeared.

The court is considering the measure of the police officers who stole a lottery ticket from an elderly woman

The incident took place at the end of January last year, says the woman, who became a victim of not one, but several crimes. She was a longtime employee of the Ministry of Defense. He does not want to show his face because he is ashamed of the experience.

“They pulled him very easily without me noticing. I kept the slip in my wallet because my profit had not been paid, I had a lien and we had agreed with the lottery cashier to bring a bank account before the deadline. The deadline was 45 days. My wallet was stolen on Tuesday, and I had to take my bank account on Thursday to pay my winnings. There was a profit slip for BGN 11,200 in my wallet. I went to the 3rd RU because both my personal documents and my wallet were there. From there I went to the Sports Tote and there I filed a complaint that my wallet with the winning slip was stolen. They paid attention to me, accepted my complaint and I was hoping that they could call me from somewhere, that my wallet had been found, until I saw the news, “said the injured woman.

Detained senior police officers stole a lottery ticket from an elderly woman

Who are the detained police officers? The deputy director of the Third District Department at that time, Krassimir Lyubomirov, and the head of a group from the SDVR, Nikolay Stoimenov, had known each other for almost 5 years. The two senior police officers had contacts in the criminal contingent. They also had serious practice in the field of street theft investigations. They probably managed to find the perpetrators of the theft from the old woman’s bag, where the winning lottery ticket was.

The Sofia District Court remanded Lyubomirov in custody, and Stoimenov was released for lack of evidence. In the courtroom, the deputy director of the Third District Office cried in front of the judge and said that he was being targeted. At a higher instance, the court released Lyubomirov with a lighter measure of “house arrest”.

The detained police chief in Sofia was the head of the pickpocketing department

A year and a half later, the victim has not yet received the winnings from the winning lottery ticket, and the reason is not in the Sports Tote. From there, they expressed readiness for this to happen as soon as the victim presented the lucky slip.

“I work at two places. I receive a pension so that I can meet my needs. Some time ago I had to withdraw money. My husband was ill and I could not pay my bills. At one point they arrested me, in which I still put some money there, but not to look for me and not to harass me. This profit would fix my seizure. This is money that actually comes as luck. It’s not like a loan to think about where and how not to repay it. This is a profit that is mine personally and I still can’t take it, “said the elderly woman.

See more on the topic in the video.

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