In La Casa de los Famosos the kitchen is dominated by Paty Navidad and La Materialista

Paty Navidad, says Rey Grupero, is winning over the inhabitants through food.

Photo: Courtesy / Telemundo

In the House of Famous 3 they have been very lucky because Paty Navidad, Raúl García, La Materialista, Arturo Carmona, Aleyda Núñez and Aylín Mujica They know how to cook and they also like to participate in many other household chores. However, despite all the culinary talent there are only two celebrities who have been able to prevail in this famous kitchen, these are: Patty and The Materialist.

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The situation is somewhat complicated because both belong to different groups and rooms. And sometimes we have been able to hear that The Materialist suddenly makes comments, implying that her seasoning is superior to Paty’s, and although many of her classmates listen to her, they all agree that both of them are very good at cooking..

Whatever happens throughout the House of Celebrities, what is beginning to bother are the cleaning habits of some members of this edition. But what has bothered the most is the treatment that Liliana Rodríguez is giving to some celebrities, including Dania, whom she sometimes treats as her daughters, imposing household chores on them.

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