In conclusion, focus on! 5 important things you should know About the COVID-19 mutant

Summary of 5 important things to know About COVID-19 mutations since their origins and their causes Changing the structure of the virus, its danger and vaccines

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Not the first mutation Previously, the mutation had occurred. By the new coronavirus That was first detected in Wuhan It is not the same as the epidemic spreading in different areas of the world. The mutant D614G emerged in Europe last month. Feb. ago It became the main epidemic spread worldwide. Another mutant, A222V, has spread throughout Europe. And linked to people infected from vacationing in Spain

Origins and causes of mutations The new type of COVID-19 is expected to occur in England. Mutated Can increase the chance of The “spread quickly” forcing many countries on the planet to resume control of the epidemic and have significantly tighter lockdowns. The British government said that 60 percent of 28 percent of London’s COVID-19 cases are now a new mutant. And can spread the infection up to 70 percent faster than before, the exact cause of the mutation is currently unknown. But the mutation is expected to occur in patients with weakened immune systems and unable to fight off the virus. Thus causing the patient’s body to become a breeding ground for the mutated virus


Virus structure changes With this mutation, the virus is altered in the “spike protein” portion of the virus. The mutation, known as N501Y, refers to a change in the majority of spines. The “receptor-binding domain”, which is the first part of the virus’s spine, touches the cell surface in the human body. It increases and makes the infection more capable of attacking human cells.

Is the mutant more dangerous? There is currently no evidence that COVID-19 The new mutant is more life threatening. Still in the study stage, however, the easier it is to spread the infection, the more people will be infected more rapidly. More people have to be hospitalized. It may make the number of people who lack the opportunity for treatment.

The vaccine will still be effective for COVID-19. A mutant or not? Currently, the COVID-19 vaccine Can still give good results By the leading 3 types of vaccines that are currently globally available Will stimulate the human body Immune to the current thorn virus The vaccine trains the immune system to attack different parts of the virus, so even the spiny parts of the spines will change or mutate. The vaccine will still be effective, however, if further mutations occur. This virus is likely to lead to a mutation that makes the vaccine unable to protect against infection. And now that trend has begun

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