In central London, naked men attacked passers-by

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In London, two naked men attacked passers-by

Two men, aged 32 and 26, carried out a series of attacks on passers-by. The violators have already been detained by the police.

In central London, two naked men carried out a series of attacks on passers-by. This is reported by the edition Mirror.

First, the attackers attacked the cyclist. He paused at a traffic light when a nude couple got out of the subway, and one of the men just ran up and kicked him, knocking him to the ground. The incident took place at a metro station. Two men came out, one completely naked and the other in boxer shorts. They passed the pedestrian crossing where the cyclist stopped, waiting for the traffic light to change color.

One of the naked men unexpectedly and with all his might kicked the cyclist. He fell to the asphalt, and the intruders fled.

Law enforcers detained violators. It turned out that naked men committed a series of attacks on passers-by. In addition to the cyclist, they beat another man on the street.

“The suspects, aged 32 and 26, were found and arrested. Both men were taken to hospital in accordance with Section 3 of the Mental Health Act, and then returned to custody. They were then released under investigation,” the statement said.

It was previously reported that in Florida, a naked woman smashed a bar… To detain the violent violator of the order, law enforcement officers had to use a stun gun.

Before that completely nude woman attacked TV presenter show Access Direct on the air of the Romanian channel Antena1.

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