In Atyrau, a scandal erupted around the elite residential complex

news-id-110996" style="display:inline;">In Atyrau, a scandal erupted around an elite residential complex. Comfortable housing and landscaped courtyards turned out to be just a beautiful picture from an advertising booklet, people say, reports with reference to

People bought apartments in the most expensive residential complex in Atyrau two years ago. But the joy of buying did not last long. The architectural objects indicated in the project were in fact only on paper. Residents who have invested millions in square meters say that the houses are of poor quality. And the playground in the yard almost immediately fell into disrepair. Because of this, children have been injured more than once.

“Made of iron. The maximum cost is 20-30 thousand tenge. Everything is made of cheap materials. There are children in every apartment. The playground where children play has deteriorated. The quality of the urns is terrible. If a little wind blows, it all falls,” he said. resident of the city of Alibi Bayzhanov.

According to the residents, in order to prevent cars from entering the yard, according to the project, there should be a barrier. The developers promised both a football field and a lawn throughout the yard. But so far there is nothing.

“We were told that 682 trees would be planted here. Look what is here now. After that, they said that there would be a football field. And there is no football field. The playground is in such a state,” complained a resident of the city, Aiman ​​Dauletiyarova.

Outraged apartment owners went to the office of the contractor. But they did not want to communicate with them. It also failed to make a call. The residential complex has already been checked by specialists responsible for construction and architecture. It turned out that the company spent the money intended for the project on repairing pipes. And now, allegedly, he cannot afford the improvement of the yard due to lack of money.

“On the part of our department, the department of construction of the city is held accountable. On the part of the department, measures have been taken and an order has been issued. Now, due to non-compliance with the conditions, they can be held accountable through the court,” explained Asset Sembaev, chief specialist of the Atyrau State Architectural and Construction Commission.

Dissatisfied residents intend to sue the construction company. And return half of the money invested.

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