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Impact on Health, Many Demand for Adult Male Circumcision

A number of methods ranging from conventional, laser or electric cost, and klamp can be the procedure of choice when someone wants to be circumcised. In adult men, what is the most recommended procedure?

“In the past, circumcision was used in the conventional way. Prior to anesthesia, then a little cut from the top first to the right, then to the right, then to the left and then to sew it up. With this cutting, there are many risks that can be faced during circumcision, such as bleeding and infection, which are quite high because there is an open wound, “explained Prof. Andi Asadul Islam, Chairperson of the Indonesian Surgeons Association (IKABI), in the FJO webinar, Thursday (8/4/2021).

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However, the decision to use the circumcision method returned to the patient. Prof. Andi explained, in the laser, a kind of thin iron plate heated with electricity is used. In principle, the same as soldering. When the tip of the plate lights up, the cutting process is carried out.

The risk of bleeding during circumcision, said Prof. Andi, depending on the size of the penis. Because, the bigger the penis size, the bigger the blood vessels so that the risk of bleeding is even greater.

In contrast to the klamp method, where the procedure is performed without stitches and uses a kind of clamping device. Moreover, if using a clamp, the maximum circumcised penis diameter is 3.4 cm.

Primary Health

In line with that, sexual health practitioner Dr. Boyke Dian Nugraha SpOG MARS explained a number of positive effects of circumcision, especially adult circumcision. Among them is reducing the risk of contracting infectious diseases for their partners.

Boyke said there were a lot of requests for adult circumcision on the part of women. He emphasized that circumcision or circumcision apart from religious and cultural aspects, there are also aspects of hygiene and health.

As is known, the HPV virus or Human Papillomavirus triggers sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). This virus under certain conditions can trigger cancer. In addition, Boyke said that in uncircumcised men, there is potential for dirt, bacteria, or other viruses around the head of the penis.

Because, under normal conditions, the head of an uncircumcised male penis is covered with foreskin or skin. Need special care, such as regular cleaning for men who are not circumcised. He also said there were a number of female partners who were worried that if their partners were not circumcised, they had Ecoli bacteria or the like.

Genky single from Japan, one of the adult circumcision practitioners who also attended the webinar, stated, “Although circumcision is not known in Japanese culture, I did circumcision for health and the future and chose to do circumcision in Indonesia.”

Likewise with a request for circumcision for her husband delivered by a mysterious guest star, said Mawar. Previously, she was married to a man who was circumcised, while at this time her husband was not circumcised.

“I feel there is a difference between husbands who have been circumcised and uncircumcised, they have a bit of a hassle for cleanliness and feel uncomfortable when having sex. So, we decided that our husbands should also be circumcised so that our marriage is happy,” she concluded.

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