I’m strong, Trump said at the meeting and threw the veil into the crowd

“I feel so strong,” Trump told thousands of supporters, who came to the rally despite the pandemic, mostly without veils. “I’m going to the audience. I’ll go there, give everyone in the audience a kiss. I’ll give a kiss to men and beautiful women … everyone, “the president added and threw a veil among the crowd as a sign of his victory over the covid-19 disease.

Of course, the veil was wrapped.

On October 2, Trump announced that he and his wife Melanie had tested positive for the coronavirus. Due to the infection, the president spent three days at Walter Reed Military Hospital near Washington, which he left a week ago.

Shortly before the Sanford meeting, Trump’s doctor, Sean Conley, said the results of the president’s coronavirus tests were “negative for several consecutive days.” He also stressed that Trump is no longer contagious. The president himself said on Sunday that he no longer had covid-19, was immune to coronavirus, and did not run the risk of infecting anyone else.

With a meeting in Florida, Trump began a series of performances in various parts of the United States. It is also going to Pennsylvania, Iowa, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

And it is in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, two key states, that, according to the latest Ipsos poll, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has increased its lead over Trump. It leads there by seven percentage points over the Republican rival.

The presidential election will take place on November 3. More than ten million Americans have already cast their ballots, as most states allow voters to cast their ballots before elections, and a large proportion of Americans can also use correspondence voting.

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