I’m Sorry Killing Civilians

KYIV, KOMPAS.com – A Ukrainian state prosecutor asked a court on Thursday (19/5/2022) to sentence a person to life imprisonment russian army.

This soldier was accused of killing an unarmed civilian.

Reported Reutersthe trial of charges was held in the first war crimes tribunal related to the Russian invasion which began on February 24.

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Vadim Shishimarin, a 21-year-old Russian tank commander, asked widow Kateryna Shelipova to forgive him for the killing of her husband, Oleksandr, in the village of Chupakhivka, northeastern Ukraine on February 28.

“I admit my mistake. I ask you to forgive me,” he told Shelipova during the hearing.

He had pleaded guilty to murder on Wednesday (18/5/2022).

The assassination of Oleksandr Shelipov is one of what Ukraine and Western countries have described as atrocities and brutality against civilians during the invasion.

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Ukraine has identified more than 10,000 possible war crimes.

Russia has consistently denied targeting civilians or engaging in war crimes.

At Thursday’s court hearing, Shishimarin made a kind of sad spectacle from behind a glass booth.

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