Illinois university victim of ransomware attack

In Illinois, a state in the Midwest of the United States, a ransomware attack killed Lincoln College. Paralyzed by this cyberattack, the university, already weakened by the Covid 19 pandemic, is forced to close its doors permanently.

An unprecedented situation

Never has an American university been forced to permanently close its doors because of a cyberattack. In December 2021, Lincoln College located in Illinois in the western United States was indeed the target of a ransomware attack.

The institution’s system having been encrypted, the registration platform, admission and other vital activities like fundraising were inaccessible. The IT team decrypted the files over several months.

The University has already been weakened by the successive confinements during the pandemic. It was almost impossible for him to carry out fundraising actions, essential to its proper functioning. The University has been permanently closed since May 13, 2022.

Personal data stored

Lincoln College experienced a peak in enrollment in the fall of 2019. Unfortunately, the number of enrolled students literally dropped with the Covid 19. After this cyberattack, the University of Illinois had no choice but to close its doors

However, the University’s network had been operational again since last March. But the number of registered students does not allow it to function properly. Financially, the establishment is at its worst. Still, officials speak of their relief knowing thatno personal data was exposed.

The establishment would have needed a substantial donation or a solid partnership to be able to continue its activities. Not having found the necessary help, the institution has put an end to its history. She was 157 years old. Students who have not yet received their diploma will be transferred to another University.

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