Illegal Vehicle Inspections at Big Motor: Violating Road Transport Vehicle Act

What is the illegal vehicle inspection that was done at Big Motor?

On March 22, 2023, the Kyushu District Transport Bureau canceled the designated automobile maintenance business for the Big Motor Kumamotohama Line store (Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City), accusing it of violating the Road Transport Vehicle Act, and an automobile inspector (2 issued a dismissal order.

“Designated vehicle maintenance business” is a so-called “private vehicle inspection station”, and if it meets certain requirements such as having prescribed inspection equipment, it will be designated by the director of the District Transport Bureau and carry out vehicle inspection business. There is no need to present the current vehicle at the transportation branch office.

A chat screen between employees released by a former maintenance manager.

There is another “certified factory” in the maintenance shop recognized by the country, but at the certified factory, maintenance related to vehicle inspection such as disassembly maintenance can be done. However, in order to be tested, it is necessary to go to the nearest transportation branch office.

Almost all stores of Big Motor across the country have “designated factories”, but many frauds have been reported.

In February 2023, the Big Motor Karatsu store in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture stopped issuing safety standards conformity certificates (for 15 days), and in March of the same year, the Big Motor Kumamotohama Line store in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture stopped issuing “designated have been subject to ‘cancellation’.

Cancellation of the designation = The car cannot pass the vehicle inspection at the company’s factory, so at the Kumamoto Hama Line store, the car that has been inspected is brought to the Kumamoto Transportation Branch Office and passed the vehicle inspection.

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In the news release of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kyushu Transport Bureau, the following is described as “outline of violation”.

“Even though the speedometer error inspection, which is an inspection item, was not carried out, 58 vehicles were deemed to comply with the standards and were issued safety standard conformity certificates. In addition, other legal violations were confirmed. was done

We interviewed mechanics (now retired) who were in charge of vehicle inspections at Big Motor Kumamotohama Line until the fall of 2021.

No need for time-consuming work

A mechanic who was in charge of vehicle inspection at the Big Motor Kumamoto Hama Line store (now retired) says:

“At the Kumamoto Hamasen store, vehicle inspection fraud was routinely carried out. It’s more than 58 vehicles. If you add up the speedometers, the total number will easily exceed 1,000. Vehicle inspection fraud was so common. I think there were also unqualified maintenance staff who didn’t know whether it was fraudulent.”

Kumamoto Hama Line store new store. 50,000 units in stock.
Kumamoto Hama Line store new store. 50,000 units in stock.

“Most of the 58 vehicles are imported vehicles and 4WD vehicles. The inspection to measure the error of the speedometer puts the vehicle on a roller and accelerates it. is”

“The reason why we didn’t measure the speedometers of imported cars is that it takes time and effort. Many imported cars measure speed with sensors on the front tires, but the normal vehicle inspection line uses rollers (brake measurement, speed measurement, etc.). ) is only for one axle, so it cannot be measured in the same way as a 4WD vehicle.”

“Of course, there are vehicles that can be measured. The work of connecting and erasing will increase.”

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“That’s why we didn’t measure all imported cars at the time. One of the reasons is that the diagnostic equipment hasn’t been updated and we can’t diagnose vehicles after the 2017 model year.”

The correct measurement method is to check the error by running the imported car and another car at the same time at 40 km / h on a wide road with little traffic.

However, this method requires time, effort, and personnel.

“Everything that takes time and effort was said to be ‘not necessary’. Imported cars have high inspection estimates, but many owners are rich, so they don’t complain much.”

“It’s just that ‘it won’t come from the next one.’ Anyway, it’s a one-time vehicle inspection, so just do it properly. I think it’s the same for other stores, but Big Motor has done vehicle inspections and maintenance related to vehicle inspections. In that case, I think it’s okay to think that all imported cars are fraudulent.”

The reason for not measuring 4WD vehicles is slightly different.

“Since 4WD vehicles cannot be measured with the measuring equipment at designated factories, we use measuring equipment dedicated to 4WD vehicles. Of course, this is an essential equipment for designated factories, so we also have it at our factory. However, measurement for 4WD vehicles is used. The equipment is large and heavy, and it takes time and effort to move and install it, so we didn’t measure it.”

The vehicle inspection quota is higher than the number of cars in the same month of the previous year
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