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If your package is a few … 6 steps to reduce Internet consumption on Windows 10

It is known that Windows 10 system consumes a lot of the Internet, and with the case of home isolation that many of us live in these days, maintaining the Internet package has become an important matter, whether it is landline or mobile package, and below we offer a set of important tips that can be used To provide the Internet on Windows 10:

Make Metric Network Connection

One of the simplest things that can be done, when converting the network to this mode, Windows 10 will cancel many of the commands that can be implemented using the Internet, such as downloading and installing updates, and other things that may cause a high consumption of the Internet on a computer.

To do this:

Open Settings

– Choose Network & Internet

Click Change Network Properties

Activate the Metered Connection option

– Determine what you consume from the Internet

The second option is to determine consumption, and to put a maximum limit for the operating system’s consumption of the Internet, which makes the system warn you about your consumption and what remains of it and other things.

To do this:

– Open Settings

– Choose Network and Internet

– Choose Data Usage

Press Set limit

– When choosing Data Usage, the following screen will appear for you to choose the maximum usage, whether it is monthly or one-time, and other options.

Prevent internet consumption in the background:

Windows 10 consumes a lot of the Internet in the background automatically through the properties of Windows, as well as some applications that update themselves, which makes stopping the Internet from such applications helps you to maintain Internet consumption well.

To do that

Open Settings

– Choose Network and Internet

– Choose Data Usage

– You will find Choose Background Data, Choose Always

Cancel sync:

One of the things that consumes the Internet is the synchronization of Windows 10, which makes its cancellation solve this problem as long as you do not need this feature at the moment.

To do this:

– Open Settings

Choose Accounts

– Choose Sync your settings

Turn off the Sync Settings option

Prevent the app store from automatic updates:

The Microsoft Store includes many applications and is the primary responsible for updating your system applications, as it consumes a lot of the Internet by updating applications automatically and periodically, so stopping the automatic update solves these problems.

To do that:

– Open Microsoft Store

– Open the menu from the top

– Choose Settings

– Uninstall the Update apps automatically option

Prevent system updates temporarily:

Among other things that consume the Internet, is to update the system automatically, but Microsoft added an option that allows pausing it, although the updates are important and should not be canceled, but if you want to control the Internet a little, pausing it is a good option.

To do this:

Open Settings

Choose Update and security

Choose Advanced Options

By choosing Pause Updates, choose the date after which updates will continue

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