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“I would prefer he reached for the phone rather than using the communicator.” Schetyna also got it

Contrary to my predecessor, I adopted the principle that we talk about mistakes and advice on how to fix something. I remember the times when comments about the functioning or mistakes made by the previous leader were sent from the party. This is not the time, “said Borys Budka on TVN24, which corresponds to Grzegorz Schetyna, who said that voting for a salary increase for MPs was” political suicide “.

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The booth responds to party critics

The chairman of the Platform was also asked about other critical voices coming from MPs from the Civic Coalition. The interviewer mentioned here, among others Tomasz Zimoch and Bogdan Zdrojewski.

I am surprised by all those who, in fact, attack not me with their statements, but all those Members who made a mistake were guided by the recommendation of the college, because in such a situation it is not appropriate to behave

-He said.

If it is done by people who in previous times strongly criticized anyone who dared to speak up and conduct internal politics through the media, it is reprehensible



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The booth is teasing Tusk

Budka also referred to the recent twitter activity of Donald Tusk, who criticized the opposition for voting in the Sejm for increases.

Donald Tusk is the honorary chairman of the PO. I would prefer that in such a case he would reach for the phone and not use the communicator. I think it is worth it – this is advice for all of us – but instead of communicating via the Internet, to express good advice in a timely and appropriate manner, because I would like to remind you that, unfortunately, during the eight years when we were in power, we did not manage to do so together introduce such regulations that would systematically lead to good solutions in this area and would not cause such perturbations

—Remembered Budka.

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