I will make life hell for those who play against; This is a good thing for me – Royal Superstar

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I will make life hell for those who play against; That’s it for me: The Royal Superstar

Real Madrid superstar Antonia Rudiger is known for her match skills and aggressive behavior. During the match, Rudiger is known to speak in anger from his opponents. Neymar recently stated that Rudiger is a scary central defender.

It was generally thought to be something that happened in some lost moments. When the intensity of the game increases …

But Rüdiger’s trash talk is not such an easy game. The elderly do this by planning well and looking for the right time. He says it none other than Rudiger himself.

Rüdiger says he doesn’t wear boots to please anyone and unnerving opponents is what he likes to do as a defender.

I didn’t become a professional footballer to be friends with everyone. I like it if someone likes me.

But I don’t think I can go around making everyone happy. Whatever difficulties others may encounter, I will do my defense duty.

I really like mind games. And chat with opponents. It’s fun for me. Something, I am like that, “says Rudiger.

The German also talked in detail about how he thinks about his opponents during a match.

“I like to analyze the members of the opposing team. I often think, ‘How will they react if I scratch myself a little?’ Before the game started, I didn’t select it and said it will be scratched today. Everything goes in a flow, ‘says Rudiger.

Although this is done by calculating the incident, due to this aggressive behavior, the star has collected six red cards in this period.

But Rudiger is now an indispensable presence in Real Madrid matches. The player in good shape has also scored a goal this season.

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