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These are difficult and very sensitive days for Dew Marengo, whose last attempt to be a mother through a fertilization treatment did not prosper. To counteract the anguish caused by this frustrated desire, at the beginning of June they announced in LAM what Marengo and her boyfriend, Edward FortThey were getting married after years as a couple.

“He is very low profile. They plan to get married in November or early next year. Last night there was a meeting where they were with the family announcing. He didn’t deny me. Eduardo Fort and Rocío Marengo are getting married! said Pia Shaw in the cycle of America.

However, a few weeks later, the bombshell came when the blonde hinted through her Instagram stories that the relationship with Fort had come to an end. Without mentioning it directly, Marengo ended that project in a back and forth of questions and answers with his followers.

“You’re getting married?”someone wanted to know, and she answered, bluntly and sincerely as to how things would have turned out with Eduardo: “Not at the moment, not even close. Before it was a dream! But my last relationship made me want everything!”.

And then when a person wrote to him: “I wish you have a love that values ​​you and accompanies you in everything, that you are his priority”she answered with a hopeful but undoubtedly sad phrase. “Yes, I want it too, I trust God’s plans and times“, he expressed.

Before these statements, Rocío had shared a suggestive phrase in her networks about relationships. “To coincide with a person, mentally and emotionally, is lucky. It’s like tripping over happiness.”published the media.

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