I take another 4,500 people to BNT, close them and apply for …

I plan to take on everything at once. She is not afraid of work, especially if it is public. In BNT I have promised to return the glory to Bateto. Then they were happiest there. That means hiring another 4,500 people. This was said ironically by the writer and screenwriter of Slavi Trifonov Ivo Siromahov in front of Nova TV.

“At the BNB I plan to distribute all the money. It will be easiest at the Ministry of Culture because there is no culture. I will take it for selfies there. CEM will close them because they do nothing. In 2 weeks I can fix these 4 organizations and to get back to my normal job, “he joked.

We remind you that Siromahov announced on his Facebook page that he is taking over the leadership of BNT. His post provoked heated comments, with some people not realizing it was just a joke.

“Is there a Bulgarian who doesn’t want to be the boss? At one point I realized that there are people who have a hard time distinguishing the truth from the joke. From the first sentence it was clear that I was joking. They called me not only to congratulate me, but also to “I hire them. Apparently, the work at BNT seems to be the easiest. I’ve done a rather strange social experiment, which means that people don’t have a sense of humor,” the screenwriter revealed.

“Propaganda is very cruel in all directions. Look what happened to the vaccines. We would be scared, and now we are going to Ukraine. There will always be topics that divide society,” Siromahov added.

He also revealed why he did not want to become an MP from “There is such a people”.

“I don’t like government work. I think the most valuable thing is to be free. In politics, you can’t be free. You depend on your constituents, who often don’t know what they want.

It is important to know where you are going and to be at peace with yourself. My colleagues are intelligent enough not to be offended by my jokes. We are all joking. There is no mercy and there should not be. A society is free when there is irony, humor and a clash of views, “the writer explained.

“I plan to run for President of the United Nations. I have been told that it is very good there,” he concluded.

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