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“I came here, I told you to give me the keys!” Drunk driver in Teika showing several cars In the spotlight


On Wednesday, the traffic police had to drive to Teika, Bajāri Street, where, according to a security guard, an inadequate woman was detained, who noticed that five cars parked on the roadside were smashed with her Mercedes vehicle.

Nikolai, an employee of the security company, who takes care of security at the factory site on Bajaru Street, had an adventurous change. In the afternoon, the man saw an unusual scene in the CCTV cameras. A light Mercedes car crashed down the street and suddenly rattled roadside vehicles.

At first, Volvo was inspected, its rear-view mirror frame folded and damaged, and a similar fate befell a BMW. After two accidents, Mercedes did not stop and continued to move forward, beating other vehicles. Then Nicholas realized that action was needed and ran into the street.

I ran out and ran after her. She stopped, I approached and told her to hand over the keys, called her, here the guy came, we called the police. [..] She seemed inadequate.

In total, in addition to the culprit’s vehicle, five cars were inspected: two BMWs, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Volvo.

A woman from Mercedes fell into the hands of arriving police officers and was invited to explain in a company car. At the same time, law enforcement officers checked the driver’s alcohol.

Police have already officially confirmed that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. An administrative case will be initiated against Mrs. for the reckless trip, and the costs of repairing damaged cars will have to be reimbursed.



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