I am disgusted by the lies of the Prime Minister and I am ashamed of what he did in the VIDEO

The Bulgarian sailors from the ship “Tsarevna” are already on their native land. But along with their retreat, there were, to put it mildly, misunderstandings, for the simple reason that the Bulgarian government once again exposed itself. To put it mildly, it exposed itself, in fact it failed once again, said on Facebook the leader of “Vazrazhdane” Kostadin Kostadinov.

“We at Vazrazhdane have been insisting on active actions to take the release of Bulgarian sailors since February, immediately after the war began on February 24.

In the end, however, as is well known, the Bulgarian sailors returned to Bulgaria without any assistance from Bulgaria, except for one thing – finally the Bulgarian government finally listened to “Vazrazhdane” and at least one piece of advice we gave, and sent the Bulgarian government plane to pick them up, “Kostadinov added.

Petkov heard from sailors from “Tsarevna” about the shooting around the ship and how they were evacuated by the Russians VIDEO

I will not talk now about the numerous lies that were told by the Prime Minister, because I am disgusted to talk about it, said Kostadinov. “I am very ashamed – on April 13 the Bulgarian sailors were rescued from the 45-day Ukrainian captivity, on April 16 the Bulgarian government gratefully closed its ports to Russian ships. I have nothing to comment on “, Kostadinov is categorical.

Kostadinov said that he was contacted by Bulgarians participating in the Donbas militia, who offered to help evacuate the Bulgarian sailors.

Mitrofanova: Tsarevna sailors evacuated by DNR authorities and Russian army, stationed in Donetsk

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“The truth is that our compatriots, Bulgarians from Donbass, from Donetsk, who take part in the Donbass militia, tried to evacuate the Bulgarian crew on their own. And in the end they succeeded – the Donetsk People’s Republic and the forces of the Russian Federation were the ones who succeeded. to evacuate the Bulgarian crew “, added Kostadinov.

He thanked the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Russian Federation for what they have done and demonstrated who is good and who is bad in this conflict. “It is very difficult, it is still a war. But in this particular case we saw who protected the Bulgarians and who did everything necessary not to protect them,” Kostadinov concluded.

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