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Hyundai started production of a modified Kona Electric electric car in Nošovice

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Production runs on the same line with cars with internal combustion engines.

Half a year after the introduction of its production in Nošovice, the carmaker Hyundai Motor Mancufacturing Czech began serial production of the modernized version of the Kona Electric car.

The company announced the production of the new version in a press release. After modernization, Hyundai offers a car with, for example, a more powerful electric motor with an output of 150 kW and a set of batteries with a capacity of 64 kWh, which allows a long range of up to 484 km. Kona is the first purely electric car to be mass-produced in the Czech Republic.

“Kona Electric was a big challenge for us. All production facilities at the HMMC plant were prepared for production for several months. The production of the electric car takes place on the same line, on which all versions of models with internal combustion engines are created, “ said Miroslav Jasiok, head of the Production subdivision. The production of the electric car required, for example, modifications to the assembly line, which was extended by 15 meters due to the installation of the battery.

In addition, the Nošovice carmaker continues preparations for other model innovations. In the near future, the innovated sharp Hyundai i30 N will start rolling off the lines. From October, HMMC will start mass production of a completely new Hyundai Tucson model. The production of the parting generation of Tucson has already been completed – in five years, approximately 1.18 million pieces of this model line have been produced in Nošovice. In the spring, the complete i30 model line was also modernized, including a sportier version of the N Line. The news thus concerns the complete portfolio of cars manufactured at HMMC.

Over 53,000 Hyundai Kona Electric electric cars have been sold on the European market since 2018. Most of them went to Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and France. So far, almost 24,000 pieces of this electric car have been produced at HMMC.

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