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Airbnb and New York agree in legal dispute over user data

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With the agreement, an important hurdle for the planned IPO falls.

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New York The city of New York and the apartment broker Airbnb have reached a settlement in their protracted legal battle over the disclosure of user data. The compromise provides that Airbnb will in future give the authorities a quarterly insight, said the office of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on Friday. Airbnb had filed a lawsuit against a law passed in 2018 that would force intermediation platforms to transmit this data to the supervisors on a monthly basis.

Background: New York has been taking action against illegal rentals and fake user accounts on Airbnb for a long time. The city has been complaining for years that most of the offers there are not right. The flood of dubious listings is exacerbating the already great shortage of living space and driving rents up further, according to the criticism. For Airbnb, the dispute represents an important legal construction site that had to be closed before the IPO, which is actually planned for 2020.

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