Husband reveals why M.L.Sureewan Suriyong suddenly has no energy, has to have brain surgery, urgently ask for blood

Her husband news anchor reveals. M.L.Sureikon Suriyong or M.L.Sureewan Suriyong revealed the reason that his wife was suddenly weak Take it to the doctor, find a brain fracture, need to have brain surgery now. Must give blood all the time Urgent blood type O donation

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From caseFormer queen M.L.Sureewan Suriyong suffered a lot of blood loss in brain surgery. Must give blood all the time In which type O ischemic hospital wants to receive blood donation by Jipschananthorn, former husband sports news anchor Post a request for donation by donating at the Cancer Center, 3rd floor, Bhumibol Hospital, Don Muang, told the staff that Came to donate blood to M.L Surikon Suriyong

In which both will host a sports program together on Channel 3 From the inquiry to the husband that the periodMonday morning, Jan. 11, at 8 o’clock in the morning, suddenly I had no symptoms. Her husband took him to Bhumibol Hospital. Enter the emergency room doctors doCT scans found that a blood vessel in the brain was broken. Bleeding from the right brain

At first, the blood came out in moderation. Initial diagnosis does not require surgery. Taking medicine should get better, but in the afternoonPerformed a CT scan again and found that more blood came out. And cause brain swelling The doctor immediately decided to operate. It took the surgery from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and then came to the ICU for 3-4 days, the general symptoms are now safe. But due to the loss of blood, the blood must be given all the time. In the aftermath of the New Year and Covid period, people donating blood fell. The blood is not enough. Especially blood type O

While the husband also posted the latest that “Hello friends Me and Pum Thank you everyone for asking Pum’s symptoms with great concern. Many of you want to visit Pum at the hospital, but with Pum still in the icu room and due to the coronavirus outbreak, it is now a great gift.

As for donating blood type O, I and Pum are very grateful that there are many people who will donate to P’Pum. And some of you please share this information The hospital normally has enough blood for its patients to use. Or if not enough, you can request to go through the Red Cross But with the coronavirus outbreak, fewer donations were made. The nurse therefore asks you to leave friends with the same blood type as P’Pum. Come to donate blood to Pum.
Lastly, thank you very much. ** Come to donate during office hours and recommend using the train. The hospital parking is always full. “

WhileBrothers of entertainment people share together about blood donation.Let M.L.Sureikon Suriyong in the social world to ask people of blood type O to help donate, such as Nok Sin Chai, Kobpapasara, etc.

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