Hunters kill father and daughter by confusing them with deer in the US

Walterboro.- A nine-year-old girl and her father died this week when a group of hunters confused them with deer during a hunting trip in the forests of the southeastern United States, authorities said.

Kim Drawdy, 30, and his daughter Lauren, 9, were shot by another hunter on Wednesday afternoon near the small town of Walterboro in South Carolina.

Four hunters were trying to direct the deer towards a certain area. But Drawdy and his daughter were shot when they “mistook them for deer,” the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) reported.

Both died because of their injuries.

The SCDNR is investigating the incident, the institution added, without offering further details.

During the year 2019, three deaths occurred in this same state in 16 hunting accidents, said Kaley Lawrimore, spokesman for the SCDNR.

Eleven of these accidents involved weapons, of which two resulted in deaths. The other five were falls or other circumstances, of which one of those affected died, the spokeswoman told AFP.

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