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Hungary’s Orbán Issues Ultimatum to EU as Ukraine’s Ammunition Runs Out

Orban issues an ultimatum to the EU

Moscow’s plan worked

Kyiv officially confirmed about problems

Ukraine’s nightmare scenario is becoming a reality – Kiev’s forces have almost run out of ammunition, and the US and Europe refuse to accelerate the production of missiles and help President Zelensky. General Ben Hodges, former commander of US forces in Europe, said this to the German RND.

As Russia attacks more and more massively by air and ground, the Ukrainian fighters on the frontline are already running out of ammunition. Anti-aircraft missiles are in short supply and artillery shells are extremely limited – it will be difficult for Ukrainian forces to hold their defensive positions. In many places along the front, Ukrainian units have reduced artillery fire by 90 percent compared to last summer. The commanders of the Armed Forces do not yet know how long they will be able to withstand the Russian attacks, the German media emphasizes.

The fact that the very survival of Ukraine is in question is also due to the largely empty ammunition depots of the EU and NATO countries. It has been clear for more than a year that the war is using up the reserves of Western armies. The fact that production facilities were not expanded is inexplicable to Hodges: “Germany can produce hundreds of thousands of cars a year, but not enough ammunition? This is funny. The same applies to France, Great Britain, the United States and other countries. There is a lack of political will”, the general indignantly.

According to him, without large quantities of artillery ammunition, it will hardly be possible to repel large-scale attacks such as the recent one in the Avdeevka area. In addition, there is a risk of territorial losses for Ukraine in the near future. “The Russians were betting that the West would get tired of helping Ukraine win, and their strategy worked,” Hodges adds.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yury Ignat officially announced yesterday that Ukraine is experiencing a shortage of guided missiles for air defense as it has exhausted its reserves in the massive Russian attacks in recent days.

Hungary has signaled that it may lift its veto on the EU financial aid package for Ukraine worth 50 billion euros – but only if the funding is assessed and voted on an annual basis, Politico reported.

This would give Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán the ability to block EU funding for Ukraine any given year, as well as to demand concessions from Brussels in exchange for lifting the veto, the publication said.

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