Humidity at home, how to get rid of it at no cost: this trick is very simple

Prolonged exposure to very humid and moldy areas can cause serious damage to health. Here’s how to deal with humidity

Many, many of our homes suffer from water infiltration. Both from the outside and from the upper floors. Rain hitting the roof, for example. Or some leak in the upstairs tenant’s bathroom. And here is the mold. Unpleasant to look at, often smelly. And above all harmful. Today we’re going to give you a natural tip on how to remove moisture from your homes.

Humidity and mold in the home can be very harmful to health – grantennistoscana

We need to act promptly. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for health reasons. In fact, mold is harmful to our body: its presence can cause migraines, respiratory problems and other problems.

Medical studies have shown that serious (even fatal) diseases can develop as a result of a serious respiratory condition due to prolonged exposure to molds in the place of residence. Mold is a direct consequence of humidity in the home.

And, then, we cannot sit idly by. Because both the external facades of houses and other buildings, as well as the interiors, are constantly exposed to the action of atmospheric agents. This is why, during construction or renovation, the plastered surfaces are finished with a special treatment, called shaving, which combines the aesthetic function with that of a purely practical nature.

Exist very useful natural remedies, especially in terms of resistance to mould, bacteria, humidity and atmospheric agents, to be applied and thus solve our problems. Just as there are natural remedies to eliminate the root problem: that is the presence of humidity in the house. Here’s a surefire one.

The natural remedy for humidity in the house

It is the so-called “bottle method”. Do you know what it is? We’ll explain it to you right away. Obviously, a bottle is needed as a fundamental tool. A plastic one is enough, the kind where water is contained. Empty it and cut it about in halfso that the upper part can be inserted into the lower one.

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Humidity and mold
How to solve the problem of humidity at home – grantennistoscana

After that, approx 150 grams of coarse salt from kitchen. Once you’ve done that, put it in the freezer overnight. The next day, having taken it out of the freezerprick the cap with a needle or scissors.

Once this is done, insert the half with the spout into the bottom of the bottle. Once the operation is completed, just pplace the bottle in the areas where you notice the greatest humidity. The moisture will be absorbed by the salt and you will notice water droplets falling to the bottom of the bottle. By doing so, you will solve the problem of humidity in the house, which creates that unsightly and harmful mold on the walls.

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